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  • International students visited the Warning Base of Safety and Production in Nanchang

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    To improve their safety consciousness, protection skills and emergency handling abilities, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (OICE) organized around 30 foreign students to visit the Warning Base of Safety and Production in Nanchang in the afternoon of April 13th.

    Under the guidance of the staff, oversea students visited the Construction Safety Experience Area, Earthquake Disaster Simulation Experience Area, Fire Safety Studying Area, Occupational Health and Safety Studying Area, etc. Through the description of the narrator, oversea students learned the usage knowledge on electrical appliances, emergency telephone call, traffic safety, fire safety, occupational health. In addition, oversea students also practice the usage of fire extinguishers, fire scene self-rescue, earthquake scene self-rescue, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other related skills.

    OICE always highly attach importance to the safety education to all oversea students.