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  • The Activity Day for New Intake from All over the world

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  • On September 10th, a series of activities for welcoming the freshmen of international students were successfully held by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, it consists of two parts, “Find Your Language partner” and “Welcome Party”.


    With the strong desire to learn languages from each other in partnership, 85 Chinese and foreign students were attracted to sign up for the activity called “Find Your Language partner”. At the very beginning of the activity, the participants made self-introduction in front of others in sequence. Then, all participants sat around the table and got to know each other intensively through the deep conversation.


    After selecting a language partner with each other, participants paired together to take a part in several games, such as "step on balloons with tied legs", "eat biscuits with winked eyes," "airlift the table tennis" and so on. All the interesting games were the challenges to the partners’ capability of team work and their collaborative skills. In the part of "You draw I guess", a Belgian student performed as an experienced actor, vividly imitated Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe, everyone was cheering and laughing for his outstanding performance.



    After that, Welcome Party started. At the Party, some Chinese and foreign friends continued to chat with each other about their dreams and lives, some danced along with the rhythm of the music. The harmonious environment made everyone in a big family.


    Due to a series of fully games in the “activity day” for new intakes, it helped foreign students to be more familiar with the campus, enhanced the active interactions between Chinese and foreign students.