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  • The “Pair Sharing” activity among overseas students and Chinese teachers

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  •  The opening ceremony of this semester’s "Pair sharing  (among Chinese teachers and international students)" activity was held in the Overseas Student Apartment in the afternoon of 21st September,organized by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange. A total of 16 teachers’ family and 38 overseas students joined in this event.




    In the self-presentation part at the opening ceremony,Chinese teachers came up to the platform to introduce the general information and conditions of their family to the students one after another, and they also present their fine expectations of becoming the second family for overseas students. Ms. Xu Feng, from JUFE Library Department took the lead in presentating, her charming self-introduction successfully attracted the attention of most overseas students. Ms. Huang Siming ,from the  School of Public Finance & Public Administration, recommended Chinese cuisine and beautiful scenery to overseas students in her fluent English,making overseas students paid much more attention to her speech. It was the fifth time for Ms. Wang Youli,from the School of Business Administration,to join the “Pair Sharing” Activity , she promised to invite overseas students to visit private museums, bring overseas students to study calligraphy and paintings and so on. Motivated by teachers’enthusiasm, overseas students also introduced themselves decently, some of them are good at cooking, some of them showed their love and passion to Chinese culture poetically, some of them called themselves ‘ professional athletes’,stated that learning Chinese kungfu and table tennis are both a piece of cake for them, some of them are a good communicator,and some of the overseas students displayed their fluent Chinese .Through the self-presentation part, both teachers and students showed their respective characteristics and advantages, and bear in mind with their targets.The next session part is free talks, teachers and students invited one another, and two or three groups of people sit together and chat harmoniously.The scene of the activity was full of joyful and cheerful.After in-depth understanding,leading by the staffs from the Office of Interntional Cooperation and Exchange, teachers and students exchanged each others’contacts, officially formed a new "family", then they started plans for the new family activity for the first time.




    Since the first “Pair Sharing”Activity has been held in 2013, “Pair Sharing”Activity has became a popular activity among Chinese teachers and overseas students in JUFE.“Pair Sharing”Activity enhances further understanding between teachers and students in JUFE and provides teachers and students a platform to display cross-cultural communication and characteristics in JUFE, which have positive significance in establishing strong international atmosphere and strong social influences for JUFE.