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  • Career Guidance for JUFE Students Are Going Global

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  • Along with the improvement of international education in JUFE, career guidance for students in JUFE has also started a new chapter in globalization. On the afternoon of May 11th, a lecture on career guidance for overseas students was held. The event was jointly organized by the Office of Admission and Employment, Promotion Center for Student Career Development, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, the International School and so on. Attracted PhD, master and undergraduate students from Pakistan, Nigeria, Armenia, Papua New Guinea, Republic of South Sudan, Ukraine, Botswana, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Russia and many other countries and regions to attend the lecture. Deputy secretary of CPC in International School, Xia Xianfeng and teacher Li Guoyan gave the guidance.

    Xia Xianfeng mentioned in the lecture that, nowadays, the concept “One Belt and One Road” is getting more widespread; meanwhile, relevant projects are continuously expanding. As a result, numerous corporations invest in countries along the line as well as providing plentiful jobs, especially for those “Belt and Road” students coming to and studying in China.To help foreign students understand more about the urgent needs of such corporations, Xia also connected and communicated with Louis Lee online, who worked in JLianco Africa at that time.

    Li Guoyan used activities like Holland professional interest island test, Value Clarification and mock interviews in the lecture. By these means, she taught overseas students that when to hunt for a job, not only did knowing something about the target company, but also important to explore themselves in terms of interests, values, and abilities. Therefore, students could try to represent their “actual selves” during the interview, as the old Chinese saying: “know the enemy and know yourself; you can fight a hundred battles and win them all.”

    Through the lecture, overseas students had a basic understanding of the urgent employment needs for Chinese enterprises, the job-hunting process and the matters should be paid more attention to. In addition, they showed strong interests in the Internship Competition and individual consultations for career development.

    As is known to all, Office of Admission and Employment has taken a series of measures, such as starting individual consultations about career development for overseas students, encouraging domestic students to apply for internships in international organizations and so on to promote the internationalization of career guidance in JUFE.