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  • The 3rd Overseas Study Sharing Event was Successfully completed

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  • The 3rd Overseas Study Sharing Event was grandly held in Mailu campus on 14th April. Relevant officials from the Office of Student Affairs, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, and the Career Development Center for Undergraduates jointly participated in this event. The purpose of this sharing event was to provide freshmen with some of the latest information and updates about studying abroad, quite a few students attended this event.

    Long Xiao, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange , briefly introduced to the students on the major channels for studying abroad and the policy of studying abroad in recent years. She combined her own experience to emphasize that studying abroad is no longer a hopeless dream. She encouraged students, dare to think,dare to do,strive from JUFE to the world!

    In the guest sharing session, Yang Zhihao ,a student from International School,introduced his study experiences in Croatia in the four aspects of J( Junior),U(Unique),F(Future), and E(Exchange). He said that he did not only learn some professional knowledge in the process but also expand his horizion at the same time ,which will benefit him throughout their lives. Guo Siming, a student from the School of Software and Communication  Engineering,who spent four months in Mexico through the tuition-free program. She said when selecting the major to study abroad, she is different from the general finance and economics students. When students choose their major to study abroad, they must carefully compare and select according to their own professional conditions. Zheng Bailiang,from the International School, shared his exchange experience in the United States. He said that studying abroad is not just a matter of going to another country, but can make friends from all over the world and appreciate various culture in the world. At the same time, he stressed the importance of English learning and some issues that should be noted in applying for postgraduate studies. 

    Two special guests were invited at the sharing event. They were Zeng Huanyu, a former student in JUFE from 2005,who has studied in the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and is the head of the investment banking department of the Jiangxi Branch of ICBC currently, and Dan Rust,one of our foreign teacher.Zeng Huanyu combined his own experience of studying abroad to guide students thinking about the significance of studying abroad, and pointed out that students should pay attention to their safety and earnestly complete the studying tasks. Dan Rust has been served as judge and instructor for many English speech and debate competitions. He has given guidance and advices to students who need to pass the international English language Testing System (IELTS) in all aspects of English language learning. 

    Finally, the 3rd Sharing Event came to an end in a warm applause,and the students benefit a lot. May more JUFE students are able to bravely pursue their dreams of studying abroad through this constantly improving platform and set off from JUFE to the world!