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  • 2018 Seminar on Skills Training for Senior Financial Personnel of Developing Countries was completed

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  •   On the afternoon of September 27th, the “2018 Development Skills Seminar for Senior Financial Personnel in Developing Countries” hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by Jiangxi College Of Foreign Studies and JUFE was officially closed and a closing ceremony was held. Professor Wang Xiaoping, Vice President of JUFE, Professor Wu Chaoyang, Dean of the School of International Trade and Economics, Hu Jianguo, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the College, and Zong Pinghua, Director of the Training Center of Jiangxi College Of Foreign Studies attended the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was hosted by Huang Xianming, Vice Dean of the School of International Trade and Economics.

        On behalf of the school, Wang Xiaoping expressed his congratulations to the students who successfully completed their studies. He pointed out that in the context of the rapid development of the international economic environment and the “Belt and Road” initiative, this seminar focused on the theme of “financial skills” and introduced the Chinese national conditions as well as provincial conditions, the retrospect and experience of economic system reform since China’s reform and opening up, Chinese fiscal and taxation policy reform, Chinese accounting standards, analysis of financial statements of listed companies and disclosure of capital market information to students, thus helping them gain a deeper understanding of  the development experience of China’s financial accounting industry, and enhance the comprehensive understanding of fiscal and taxation policies, capital market operation mechanism and accounting standards. This will help to further enhance the communication, contacts and in-depth friendly cooperation between developing countries in the field of accounting. He hoped that the students would come to China more often in the future and become the messengers of friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries.

        Director Zong Pinghua reviewed the 21-day journey and expressed sincere greetings and good wishes to the 36 students who successfully completed their studies.

     The representatives of the two colleges took the stage to speak in turn, expressing their gratitude to China and all participating organizers. They said that this was a time they would never forget. They will always remember the majesty of the Great Wall, the history of the Forbidden City, the modernity of Shanghai and the antiques of Jingdezhen ceramics. It was a wonderful time for them.

    During the training, students actively took part in various seminars and exchanges activities, and actively cooperated with the Chinese management personnel to do all kinds of work, especially during the process of field trip. The trainees and the Chinese managers helped each other and worked together. And they spent the traditional Chinese festival---the Mid-Autumn Festival in Shanghai. They are as close as brothers and sisters and have overcome various difficulties together, forming a profound friendship.

    At the closing ceremony, the students applauded and spoke out "China" loudly from time to time to express their gratitude to China for the organizing party who provided the trip. The smile filled the faces of everyone in the venue, and the atmosphere was warmer than the festival.

    Vice president Wang Xiaoping conferred certificates of completion for 36 students. All the students who took the certificates of completion, the leaders and the teachers took a group photo with joy.

    During the 21-day training event, the seminar took a combination of subject presentations, discussion and visits and reviewed the current macroeconomic situation in China, helping students to learn about China's economic system reform experience. The participants went to the financial and economic management departments, domestic and foreign-funded enterprises and industrial parks in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang, Jingdezhen and other places to conduct on-the-spot investigations, which deepened their understanding of current economic situation, fiscal policy and business environment in China, and improved their ability to apply relevant economic theory analysis and solve practical problems. The trainees not only experienced the beauty of Chinese natural scenery and the charm of traditional culture, but also felt the hospitality of the Chinese people. They also witnessed the tremendous changes that have taken place since China's reform and opening up. This training will definitely become students’ valuable wealth and an unforgettable journey.