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  • Summing-up Meeting for Freshman’s Military Training Was Held

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  • Military training in China's campus usually begins in the middle of autumn when freshmen enter the college. In the afternoon of September 27th, JUFE freshman attended the Summing-up Meeting which remarks the end of this military training in the track and field stadium of JUFE's Mailu campus. During the meeting, they showcased the fruit of these 18-day training with their rigorous discipline and satisfying performance to salute the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening up, the 40th anniversary of the resumption of JUFE (95th anniversary of Founding). 

        Leaders who attended this meeting are as follows: president Lu Fucai, vice-president Liu Xiaoli, Yang Jianlin,  secretary of the university discipline committee, vice president Que Shandong, vice president Ou Yangkang, Huang Xinbing, vice president of Army Infantry Academy of Chinese People's Liberation Army, Ma Longsheng, office manager of Military training. Members of JUFE military training Group, Party Secretaries of each college, teachers and 4872 students also took part in this meeting which was held by vice president Yuan Xiong.

        Accompanied by the melody of the national anthem, the Summing-up Meeting for Freshman's Military Training opened. Each phalanx passed the rostrum with the Strict and rigorous scene and strong and powerful steps, which were reviewed by the rostrum in turn. The military basic subjects such as the inverted exercises, the enemy's skills, and the special tactics brought by the 16 instructors of the military training group won rounds of applause. The male student also displayed the performance of military boxing, assassination and dagger performance to show their masculinity. The girls perform the aid and aerobics in battlefields. There is also a queue show with students composing the characters like Red Boat, Octagonal building, Red Well, Poor but Honest, Atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and artificial satellite; Reform and Opening up, the belt and Road Initiative, JUFE 95 and Chinese Dream. The scene was grand. 

        Vice president Que Shandong read out the Decision on commending advanced individuals and collectives in the 2018 military training for  JUFEer.  In order to commend the advanced, the school military training leading group research, decided that Company 1st-Battalion First, Company 2nd-Battalion First, Company 5th-Battalion Second, Company 7th-Battalion Second, Company 10th-Battalion Third were granted the title of  “Advanced Company in Military Training” ; 10 military officers including Zhang Xin were given the title of “Excellent Instructor in Military Training”; 5 teachers including Zuo Jiasheng from Foreign Languages college were conferred the title of “Advanced Educator in Military Training”; 400 students such as Cao Yunyun were granted as “Advanced individual in Military Training”. 

        Then, leaders and cadres who attend this meeting presented awards to the advanced individuals and collectives in this military training. 

        Vice president Ou Yangkang summarized this 18-days military training in five points. Firstly, JUFE has strong leadership and efficient organisation. Secondly, its theme conforms to party Disciplines. JUFE meticulously organized a series of patriotism activities such as watching the film “the Beginning of the Great Revival”, reading the Seven Years of Xi as a Educated Youth, hosting the national flag-raising ceremony to commemorate the day of September 18thj, to vigorously promote patriotism and establishing lofty ideals in students' hearts. Thirdly, JUFE sets a model example. Fourthly, our university worked hard to promote the development of school spirit and discipline by regularly examining students' dormitory and imposing discipline in sports ground when training. Fifthly, JUFE combined martial skills with military culture, balancing the relaxation and training. 

        At the same time, Ou Yangkang formulates a series of wishes to the freshman. Firstly, students should take the righteousness of the military, correct the three views, take the prosperity of the motherland and the people's well-being as their own responsibility, actively cultivating and practicing the core values of socialism, tying the first button of life, and taking the right path in life. Secondly, the students shall learn perseverance from soldiers who are not afraid of suffering and being tired, and are willing to take the time to study. He hopes that students can make full use of the university time, concentrate on learning, and strive to be professional and enterprising, and learn to be solid. Thirdly, students need to bring the strict discipline of military training to the university to study and live, to release the dream of youth in the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese dream, and to write the chapter of life in the unremitting struggle for the interests of the people!

        This session of general assembly summing-up meeting for military training ended in the march of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.