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  • I Chinese Culture Courses in English (by OICE)

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    No.Course NameCodeCreditsLecturerCourse Description
    1Introduction to  ChinaFS2012Ms. Yang Jing

    FS201 Introduction to China

    2Chinese TaijiFS2022Mr. Zhong Donggen

    FS202 Chinese Taiji

    3Chinese Martial ArtsFS2032Mr. Zhong Donggen

    FS203 Chinese kungfu

    4Chinese Business CultureFS2042Dr. Zhang Shanjun

    FS204 Chinese Business Culture

    5Introduction to China Arts and Crafts FS2052Mr. Liu Xianzhong

    FS205 The Brief History of China Art and Crafts


    Encountering China: A Comparative 

    Cultural Perspective

    FS2062Ms. Xiong Binjiao

    FS206 A Comparative Cultural Perspective

    7Selected Readings of Chinese LiteratureFS2072Ms. Fu Qiong

    FS207 Selected Readings of Chinese Literature

    8Chinese Folk CustomsFS2082Ms. Li Hongyan

    FS208 Chinese Folk Customs

    9Exploring Chinese Culture through FilmFS2092Mr. Zeng Xianfei

    FS209 Exploring Chinese culture through film