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  • II Academic Courses in English (by OICE)

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    No.Course NameCodeCreditsLecturerCourse Description
    1International BusinessFS3343Dr. Deng Jun

    FS334 International Business

    2Corporate FinanceFS3223Dr. Bai Min

    FS322 Corporate Finance

    3International Business NegotiationFS3302Dr. Zhang Xiaojun

    FS330 International Business Negotiation

    4Introduction to MacroeconomicsFS3433Dr. Zhang Hongru

    FS343 Introduction to Macroeconomics

    5Principle of AccountingFS3203Dr. Xie Bo

    FS320 Principles of Accounting

    6Principles of MarketingFS3003Ms. Zhan Yan

    FS300 Principles of Marketing

    7InvestmentFS3523Dr.Sudarshan Reddy Paramati

    FS352 Investment

    8Understanding China’s Economic Growth——Theory and Policy
    FS3502Dr. Wang Hainan

    FS350 Understanding Chinas Economic Growth with comments

    9Social Welfare Policy in ChinaFS3102Dr. Wan Yina

    FS310 Social Welfare Policy and Culture in China

    10Principles of MarketingFS3003Mr. Deng Yuhua

    FS300 Principles of Marketing

    11Contemporary Enterprise Management in Chinese ContextFS3012Ms. He Wei

    FS301 contemporary enterprise management in Chinese context

    12Chinese City Consumer Behavior and Regional DifferenceFS3022Ms. Zhan Yan

    FS302 Chinese city consumer behvior and regional differences

    13Organizational BehaviorFS3033Ms. Wang Xinyan

    FS303 OrganizationalBehavior Syllabus

    14Social Welfare Policy in ChinaFS3102Ms. Wan Yina

    FS310 Social Welfare Policy and Culture in China

    15Public Economics/Public FinanceFS3113Ms. Wang Lijuan/Xu Xuchuan

    FS311 Public Economics

    16Chinese TaxationFS3123Ms. Wan Ying

    FS312 Chinese Taxation

    17Principles of AccountingFS3203Ms. Jiang Ling

    FS320 Principles of Accounting

    18Corporate FinanceFS3223Mr.Cao Yushan

    FS322 Corporate Finance

    19International Business NegotiationFS3303Ms. Mao Fanyu

    FS330 International Business Negotiation

    20International PaymentsFS3313Mr. Wang Shanlun

    FS331 International Payments

    21International TradeFS3323Mr. Deng Jun

    FS332 International Trade Theory and Policy

    22International Trade in Service FS3333Ms. Yang Liling

    FS333 International Trade in Service

    23International BusinessFS3343Mr. Deng Jun

    FS334 International Business

    24International EconomicsFS3353Ms. Yang Liling

    FS335 International Economics

    25MicroeconomicsFS3403Mr. Wu Tao

    FS340 Microeconomics

    26Intermediate MicroeconomicsFS3413Mr. Wu Tao

    FS341 Intermediate Microeconomics

    27Understanding China’s Economic Growth——Theory and PolicyFS3502Mr. Wang Hainan

    FS350 Understanding Chinas Economic Growth with comments

    28SAS Programming and Application in FinanceFS3512Mr. Huang Tao

    FS351SAS Programming and Application in  Finannce

    29InvestmentFS3523Mr. Yan Wu

    FS352 Investment

    30StatisticsFS3603Mr. Deng Guohua

    FS360 Statistics

    31Sampling DesignFS3613Mr. Deng Guohua

    FS361Sampling Design

    32Management Information SystemsFS3703Mr. Shen Bo

    FS370 Management Information Systems

    33Object-Oriented ProgrammingFS3713Ms. Ding Juling

    FS371 Object Oriented Programming

    34Information Systems Analysis and DesignFS3722Mr. Shen Bo

    FS372 Information Systems Analysis Design

    35The Economics of TourismFS3803Mr. Zou Xiuqing

    FS380 The Economics of Tourism

    36EcotourismFS3813Mr. Li Wenming

    FS381 Ecotourism

    37Concepts in Enterprise Resource PlanningFS3902Mr. Deng Qingshan

    FS390 Concepts in Enterprise Resource__ Planning

    38Social Policy and Social Issues in the Context of Social TransformationFS4002Mr. Yin Pingjun

    FS400 Social Policy and Social Issues

    39Chinese Business LawFS4102Mr. Xia Xiuyuan

    FS410 Chinese Business Law

    40 Money and BankingFS 4903Mr. Xiang Dong

    FS490 Money and Banking

    41Financial Institutions ManagementFS 4913Mr. Xiang Dong

    FS491 Financial Institutions Management

    42Introduction to Game TheoryFS 3732Mr. Li Gang

    FS373 IntroductionToGameTheory