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  • III Chinese Language Courses (by School of Humanity)

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    No.Course NameCodeCreditsCourse Description
    1Comprehensive Chinese for Absolute Beginners ⅠH01614

    Comprehensive Chinese for Absolute Beginners Ⅰ H0161

    2Chinese Listening for Absolute Beginners ⅠH01624

    Chinese Listening for Absolute Beginners H0162

    3Chinese Speaking for Absolute Beginners ⅠH01634click
    4 Chinese Reading for Absolute Beginners ⅠH01642

    Chinese Reading for Absolute Beginners H0164

    5Traning Course for HSK II H01654click
    6Comprehensive Chinese for Absolute Beginners ⅡH01716

    Comprehensive Chinese for Absolute Beginners Ⅱ H0171

    7Chinese Listening for Absolute Beginners ⅡH01726

    Chinese Listening for Absolute Beginners  H0172

    8Chinese Speaking for Absolute Beginners ⅡH01734click
    9Chinese Reading for Absolute Beginners ⅡH01744click
    10Comprehensive Chinese for Lower Intermediate Learners ⅠH02614click
    11Chinese  Listening for Lower Intermediate Learners ⅠH02624

    Chinese Listening for Lower Intermediate Learners H0262

    12Chinese Speaking for Lower Intermediate Learners ⅠH02634click
    13Chinese Reading for Lower Intermediate Learners ⅠH02642click
    14Traning Course for HSK III H02654click
    15Comprehensive Chinese for Elementary-Intermediate Learners ⅠH03614click
    16Chinese Listening for Elementary-Intermediate Learners ⅠH03624click
    17Chinese Speaking for Elementary-Intermediate Learners ⅠH03634click
    18Chinese Reading for Elementary-Intermediate Learners ⅠH03642click
    19Training Course for HSK IVH03654click
    20Comprehensive Chinese for Elementary-Intermediate Learners ⅡH03716

    Comprehensive Chinese for Elementary H0371

    21Chinese Listening for Elementary-Intermediate Learners ⅡH03726click
    22Chinese Speaking for Elementary-Intermediate Learners ⅡH03734

    Chinese Speaking for Elementary H0373

    23Chinese Reading for Elementary-Intermediate Learners ⅡH03744

    Chinese reading comprehension for elementary  H0374

    24 HSK IVH03754click
    25Comprehensive Chinese for Intermediate Learners ⅠH04614click
    26Chinese Listening for Intermediate Learners ⅠH04624click
    27Chinese Speaking for Intermediate Learners ⅠH04634click
    28Chinese Reading for Intermediate Learners ⅠH04642click
    29Comprehensive Chinese for Intermediate Learners ⅡH04714

    Comprehensive Chinese for Intermediate Learners Ⅱ  H0471

    30Chinese Listening for Intermediate Learners ⅡH04724

    Intermediate Chinese listening H0472

    31Chinese Speaking for Intermediate Learners ⅡH04734

    Introduction to Chinese Speaking for Intermediate H0473

    32Chinese Reading for Intermediate Learners ⅡH04742click
    33 Comprehensive Chinese for Higher Beginners ⅠH05614

    Comprehensive Chinese for Higher Beginners Ⅰ  H0561

    34Chinese Listening for Higher Beginners ⅠH05624click
    35Chinese Speaking for Higher Beginners ⅠH05634click
    36Chinese Reading for Higher Beginners ⅠH05642click
    37Training Course for HSK VH05654click
    38Comprehensive Chinese for Higher Beginners ⅡH05714

    Comprehensive  Chinese for Higher BeginnersⅡ H0571

    39Chinese Listening for Higher Beginners ⅡH05724

    Chinese Listening for Higher Beginners Ⅱ  H0572

    40Chinese Speaking for Higher Beginners ⅡH05734click
    41Chinese Reading for Higher Beginners ⅡH05742click