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  • Visiting Student /Chinese Language Training Program

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  • 1.Program Introduction:

    (1) Who needs to attend these two programs? Those who want to attend professional courses (English language teaching and Chinese language teaching are provided), please click here to know more about the English language teaching courses) or Chinese Language Training courses (please click here to know more about the Chinese Language Training courses) in JUFE.

    (2)Instructions: Those who have a poor level of Chinese language are suggested to attend the Chinese Language Training courses in JUFE for one semester or two semesters (depending on your skills of Chinese language). You may choose part of the main courses as well , which will be economic and effective for your study.

    2 Subjects:

    Main courses taught in English, Main courses taught in Chinesee and Chinese Language & Literature, etc.

    3. Special Instructions

    Generally, it is not suggested to choose over six courses. Main courses taught in English , Main courses taught in Chinese and Chinese Language &Literature can have a free collocation.

    For more information about the available courses of Visiting Student /Chinese Language Training Student, please click here……

    For more information about the Application Procedures, please click here……