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  • International Exchange Student Program

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  • 1. Program Introduction: JUFE warmly welcome all the applications from JUFE affiliations and ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs) network.

    Please click here to check the list of institutes with which JUFE has exchange programs.

    Students from ISEP are also welcomed to be Exchange student and study in JUFE.

    2. Advantages of the programs: Free of tuition and registration fee, etc. Special allowance for students from ISEP.

    3. Study Period one semester or two semesters .

    4.Subjects Main courses ( English language teaching and Chinese language teaching are provided), Chinese Language & Literature courses, etc.

    5. Special Instructions If your university is neither an JUFE academic partner nor a member of ISEP, you can choose to be a Visiting Student (The tuition will be at your expense). JUFE will consider you as an Exchange Student and exempt the tuition if you are excellent and talented with the recommendation of your university.

    For more information about the available courses of International Exchange Student, please click here……

    For more information about the Application Procedures, please click here……