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  • Tuition and Fees

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  • Tuition Fee:


    Accommodation Fee:

    On Campus Suite Room with single bed:  ¥6,000/per year/ person

    On Campus Suite Room with double beds:  ¥3,000/per year/ person

    Other Charges:

    Insurance Premiums: ¥400/half year , ¥800/year, or you can buy international insurance in your home country

    Health Check: ¥400 RMB

    Residence Permit: Range from ¥400-1000

    Which depends on various situations

    Room deposit: ¥200 RMB(refundable)

    Textbooks: Approximately ¥350 RMB per semester

    Electricity: ¥0.62/KW,¥200-400/month (estimated)

    Laundry: ¥0.06 RMB/minute (Washing Machine)

    ¥0.10 RMB/minute (laundry drier )