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    The Library The library is composed of two parts: one on Mailu campus and the other is located on the main campus. It has an impressive total book volume of 4.91 million. There are 3 million hard copies and 1.91 million electronic versions. It has a total volume of 2081 Chinese magazines, 266 Chinese newspapers, and 91 foreign pictorials. For students’ convenience, the library is kept open from 8:00 am until 9:30 pm. Students can enjoy all the facilities just by swiping their JUFE ID Cards.
    Sports Facilities The University owns 23,000 square meters of stadium access for all kinds of sports such as football, basketball, tennis and etc. It possesses three large-sized indoor gymnasiums for basketball, fitness, martial arts and etc. There are also two swimming pools on the campuses. A new gymnasium has been built on the main campus with 104 table tennis courts, 1 dancing room, 4 basketball/volleyball rooms, 3Chinese martial arts rooms, 3fitness rooms, 3 roller-skating rooms and 3 gymnastics rooms.
    Dinning Hall There is one or two cafeterias available in every campus. Students can enjoy a variety of Chinese cuisine at an acceptable price. Overseas students also have access to public kitchens inside Overseas Residence Hall where they can cook their own food.
    Teaching Building JUFE has many teaching buildings with full equipments, five of them located in the main campus. The above pictures show No. 5 Teaching Building and Postgraduates' Teaching Building.
    Student Center Student Center is equipped with entertainment facilities, such as stages, rehearsal halls.
    OEC Office Building Overseas Education Center is in a two-floored building with a red roof. Foreign teachers’ apartments are next to it.
    Campus Clinic Basic medical care and treatment can be conveniently provided by the campus clinic.