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  • Undergraduate Programs given in English



    School of International Economics and Trade

    International Business

    School of Economics

    Economics (International Business)

    School of International Management

    Computer Science and Technology

    School of Tourism and Urban management

    Tourism Management


    Undergraduate Programs given in Chinese



    School of International Economics and Trade

    International Economics and Trade

    School of Accountancy


    School of Taxation and Administration

    Public Finance


    School of Economics


    School of Administration

    Human Resource Management



    Business Administration

    School of Art

    Digital media

    School of Humanities


    Teaching Chinese to speaker of other languages


    I. Study Period

    Undergraduate programs given in English: 4 years

    Undergraduate programs given in Chinese: 4 years


    II. Qualification

    1. Non-Chinese citizen in good health;

    2. Senior High School Diploma with excellent performance

    3. Language requirement:

    undergraduate programs given in English: IELTS 6.0 (exclude English native speakers)

    undergraduate programs given in Chinese: New HSK level 4(or above)


    III. Application Materials

    1. One photocopy of your valid ordinary passport;    

    2. One photocopy of your senior high school diploma and one original academic record;    

    3. Photocopies of notarized diploma and academic records in English from your country (if original ones are not in English);

    4. Photocopy of your HSK certificate;

    5. Other materials that can increase your chance of admission.


    IV. Application Period

    March 1st to June 30th


    .Application Procedures

    1. Please apply online: register and log in the link http://admission .jxufe.edu.cn/login

    First log in and register and then fill in all required information and apply for the desired program.

    2. Admission Notice and the Form of Visa Application (JW 201/JW 202) for study in China will be sent to the accepted applicants.

    3. The applicants must go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their home country with the Admission Notice and the form of Visa Application for study in China to apply for student visa.

    4.Students must register at the OEC of JUFE on time in accordance with the detailed

    requirements in the Admission Notice.