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  • Lu Fucai's Delegation Invited to the "Innovation and Employability" Event at Coventry University, UK.

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  • ​At the invitation of Keith Bissett, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coventry University, President Lu Fuchai, Vice-President Wang Xiaoping and Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange Xiao Long attended the 175th Anniversary of the Founding of Coventry University with the theme of “ Innovation and Employability ”,as well as the Annual Reunion of Chinese Alumni in Shenzhen on November 10th.

    During the event, Mr. Keith Bissett, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coventry University, and Managing Vice President David Pilsbury held cordial and friendly talks with President Lu Fucai and Vice President Wang Xiaoping.  JUFE and Coventry University have achieved fruitful results in the fields of joint doctoral training, teacher training and cooperative scientific research,since the agreement of the cooperation and exchange between universities was signed in 2005. Coventry University attaches great importance to the cooperation with JUFE and considers JUFE as one of its six strategic partners in China. Two universities held in-depth discussions on many topics, including the orientation of Confucius Institute of Coventry University, how to build a Confucius Institute, how to use Confucius Institute as a platform to deepen the cooperation between both universities in personnel training and scientific research, and how to promote cooperation and exchanges between entrepreneurs in West Midlands,UK and Jiangxi province as well as strengthen economic and trade relations between the two places with the help of Confucius Institute.

    David Pilsbury pointed out that with the opening of the Confucius Institute of Coventry University, which was jointly built by both universities two years ago, the new Chinese President of Confucius Institute was expected to strengthen the cooperation with relevant departments, make full use of the relevant resources of Coventry University and the local community, do a good job in teaching Chinese language and culture, bring the training of business and economic talents into the work schedule. And the Confucius Institute would be built into the outstanding British Confucius Institute with all these efforts. In addition, David Pilsbury said that the world's researches on China's economy were growing rapidly,and  Coventry University also hoped to be a part of it . He also expected that both universities would cooperate effectively on China's economic research.

    Lu Fucai gave full recognition and approval to David Pilsbury's views and suggestions, and expressed that JUFE would give full support to the construction of Confucius Institute and promote the economic and trade exchanges between Jiangxi province and the West Midlands region through the Confucius Institute and the help of many alumni entrepreneurs. At the same time, JUFE was looking forward to further cooperation with Coventry University in scientific research to enhance the overall level of internationalization of JUFE. Finally, both universities agreed to formulate specific action plans, assign relevant personnel, promote cooperation in an orderly manner, and look forward to good results by the end of 2019.