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  • Orientation Work for International Students of Spring Semester in 2019 Were Completed Successfully

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  •    JUFE has welcomed 31 international students from 12 countries, including the United States, France, Denmark,Croatia, Germany, Mexico, Niger, Spain, South Korea, Bangladesh, Finland and Austria this semester. According to the deployment of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange(OICE), after finishing a series of procedures such as airport pickup, registration, check-in, entrance education, course selection, physical examination and other activities or procedures, the foreign students will begin their study journey here.

    On the morning of the February 25th, the freshman orientation conference was held in the meeting room on the second floor of International students apartment. Lv Saiju, the deputy director of OICE, JUFE, expressed her warm welcome to the foreign students who came from afar. She introduced the culture and geography of Nanchang, the history of JUFE and overseas education in China, study, life and extracurricular activities of international students and so on. She also encouraged them to participate in activities, make friends from different countries, reminded them to pay attention to personal safety and wished them a success in learning.

    Subsequently, other staff from the Overseas Student Office introduced the visa process, emphasized teaching regulations, course selection, dormitory management regulations, fee payment, and insurance purchase, hoping that new foreign students can strengthen communication, and exchange with other international students and Chinese students in the cross-cultural context so as to better and faster integrate into the big family of JUFE.


    After the orientation conference, all the freshmen paid a visit to the campus under the guidance of volunteers.

    Volunteers led the students to visit JUFE's hospital, hydro-power center, teaching buildings, gymnasium, supermarket, banks and other places, illustrating the procedures and precautions for visiting the doctors, and demonstrating how to use JUFE's card to enter the library and complete the process of book borrowing in the library in detail. After the journey, the international students had lunch in the dining room, and they said they have fallen in love with the food in our school.

    After completing the process of campus cards, Chinese proficiency test, course selection and medical check, the orientation work of the international students in this semester had been completed successfully. International students began their long-awaited journey of “Fidelity, Excellence , Integrity and Perseverance” at JUFE. (Picture&Text  Office of International Cooperation and Exchange)