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  • Opening Ceremony of the Overseas Education School was Held Successfully

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  • On the morning of 30th May,the Overseas Education School held its opening ceremony. President Lu Fucai and Vice President Wang Xiaoping attended the ceremony and jointly inaugurated the schoolThe ceremony was hosted by the international students Akbergenova Aizhan and Ayodeji Temitayo.


    Lu Fucai delivered a speech at the ceremony. He pointed out that the establishment of Overseas Education School marked a milestone in the JUFE’s education internationalization. JUFE’s international education  had enjoyed a steady growth in both the scale and teaching qualityMoreover, the successful authentication by Ministry of Education in terms of overseas students’ education in 2018 laid a more solid foundation for JUFEs international education to improve into a new level. The timely decision of establishing Overseas Education School by JUFE answered to  the new missions and new requirements in this New Era. Meanwhile, Lu Fucai also made several demands for the newly-established school which are to better position the goal of JUFE’s international education for foreign students, to further standardize foreign students' enrollment, education, management and service and to vigorously promote cultural exchanges between civilizations. Lu hoped that the Overseas Education School would be operated with a global vision,international standards and Chinese characteristics, thus making significant contribution to promoting JUFEinternational education and the community with a shared future for mankind in a larger sense.

    Wang Xiaoping announced the decision of establishing the Overseas Education School. As JUFE’s  number of the overseas students continues to grow , in order to improve the quality of education management for overseas studentsJUFE decided to set up the Overseas Education School on the basis of the former ChineseLanguage International Promotion Center.

    Ye Weihua, dean of Overseas Education School, delivered a speech on the ceremony. He expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and representatives present at the ceremony Ye’s  speechhighlighted the wise decision-making by university leaders and effective implementation by relevant departmentsall of which made JUFE rank first among all the Jiangxi universities in terms internationalization four years in a row. Looking into the future, Ye said ,the Overseas Education School, as the general coordinator of JUFE’s overseas students’affairs, would like to draw from the past experience and consolidate the obtained achievementsthus providing higher quality services for overseas students.

    Wu Zhaoyang, dean of School of International Trade and Economics, congratulated the establishment ofOverseas Education School on behalf of all JUFE’s teaching schools. Wu expressed that School of International Trade and Economics,  as one of JUFE’s forerunners in international education, strongly supported the decision of establishing Overseas Education School. Overseas Education School could closely collaborate with all teaching schools to comprehensively improve the management and teaching quality of JUFE’s overseas students’ education.

    Artur Tsoy and Denys Teterukfrom Kazakhstan and Ukrainian respectively addressed at the opening ceremony asstudent representatives. They expressed their gratitude towards JUFE for establishing Overseas Education School. since it was something that JUFE’s oveerseas students should be proud of.The two students  believed that the establishment of Overseas Education School would bring JUFE’s standards for managing and servicing overseas students to a higher levelThey also hoped that more international students could take part in more extracurricular activities with Chinese fellow students.


    At the end of the ceremony, Lu Fucai, Wang Xiaoping, Ye Weihua jointly unveiled the plaque of the Overseas Education School. It was reported that the English version of the School’s website and Social media account in WeChat were launched online at the same time.

    Luo Rui, Head of President’s Office; Wang Jinghai, Head of Publicity Department; Zheng Yun, Head of Students’ Affairs Department; Xia Xianfeng, Secretary of JUFE Youth League Committee, Liao Guoqiong, Head of Academic Affairs OfficeRong Li, Vice Head of Graduate School;Zhang Liguo, Dean of School of Economics; Luo Shihua, Dean of School of Statistics; Zou Yongwen, Dean of School of Tourism and Urban Managementand Ying Zhonghai, Dean of School of Humanities also attended the ceremony.